Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Edits

Another round of edits were waiting for me when I arrived home from work yesterday. This round for Dayhunter is called the copyedits. This is where I look over the edits made by the copyeditor, clean up any remaining typos, and answer any questions regarding consistency, such as Tristan's eyes were blue on page 12 but brown on page 245. I have roughly two weeks to accomplish this round of edits, but I would like to get them done in a week so I can get back to Book 3. This is my last chance to make any extensive changes to the book.

In the meantime, I preparing for next week's trip to New York. I am being sent up for my day job. While there, I will go through a series of cool media interviews. It's a great combination: meeting a number of interesting media reporters and spending time in a great city.


Christine said...

Good luck with your copyedits, Jocelynn.

This is a great time of year to visit NY. The weather is gorgeous right now!

Freedom said...

I am only a teeny bit jealous. I have never been to NY before, but I hear it's great!