Sunday, August 10, 2008

Refrigerator Poetry: Part 5

I am slowly making some headway on Book 3. I'm having a lot of confidence issues with this one. Is it as good as Nightwalker and Dayhunter? Am I taking too long to get to the action? Is there enough action? Am I throwing in too many new characters? The list of questions and concerns goes on and on and on.... But I just keep plugging away on the book. There's a good chance that I'll scrap a large section of the text later. Right now, I'm just searching for that spark that says I'm on the right trail. I think that is the hardest thing for a writer -- being willing to scrap several days or even a month's worth of work in order to make the story better.

I think I am getting close to my spark point. I've got a new character stewing in the back of my mind and I think she's going to be fun. Mira definitely needs a new playmate.

In the meantime, I've got a new interview up over on Amberkatze's blog. She is also giving away a signed copy of Nightwalker as well as a cool magnet. So hurry over and check it out.

Also, I am well overdue for another installation of refrigerator poetry. For the newest home viewers, this is where I take the magnetic words on my refrigerator and try to make a poem out of them. I noticed with this latest round that I need to add some new words to my list because my selection is starting to feel a little stale.

This one is silly and trite and not my best work at all. I saved that for today's writing session, but it's a good workout for the brain.

In case you can't read the picture, the poem is:

"Sleep my boy

Dream on blue mist

Drunk in a black storm

Swimming beneath a pink moon

whisper to me shadowy music

of rain & sun"

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Freedom Star said...

Woo hoo for refrigerator poetry! have you been watching any of the olympics? I'm watching a live stream of the cross country portion of the 3 day eventing (equestrian) right now.