Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Love Affair with Bruce

It’s rare for me to get really personal in this format, but I think it’s time to talk about the love of my life. Bruce. He’s tall, handsome, and incredibly intelligent. He’s dedicated overachiever who stops at nothing less than perfection – one of the few things that we seem to have in common. Oh, and did I mention that he’s rich? But that’s not why I’m drawn to him (not that the money hurts either). No, it’s his dark side that I love so much.

The combination of his athleticism and single-minded focus has led to some extremely wild nights on the town. He doesn’t care much for the rules and has no problem taking on a situation head first. But he walks this razor’s edge every night, with every situation that pushes him to his limits. There’s always the danger of crossing the line, of going too far. And once crossed, there’s no coming back. Crossing that thin red line in the sand would destroy who he is and yet he comes back to that line night after night because he believes he has to.

He hides it from the world behind a carefree façade, but I can see it in his eyes that these nights are taking chunks of his soul, leaving him hollow and alone. A part of me wishes I could save him.

For those interested, here is a quick video of my great love.
Batman Gotham Knight - Official Trailer

Bruce Wayne has been a constant staple in my life since I was very young watching the campy Adam West TV show. At that time, I had a crush on Robin. But as I grew up and Batman grew darker, he won my heart. The stories of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego have been a heavy influence on my own writing. It’s a study of the human condition. How much darkness can a human being submerge himself into before he becomes that which he fights? And the worst part, will he even realize it when he finally crosses that line in the sand? It’s an old tale, but I like studying that line – what makes good and evil? What does it take to cross that line? Can you come back from crossing that line?

But enough seriousness. I promised this would be a Muppets Weekend, so here is another great Muppet clip.


Chris said...

I watched the original TV series with Adam West when I was growing up and loved it (but I didn't have a crush on either of them). You must have been watching reruns--aren't you too young to have watched the original airing?

I even owned a copy of Jan and Dean Meet Batman.

And thanks for my Muppet fix! :)

Thomas said...

I was first captivated by Christian Bale (Batman) more then 20 years ago when he played the lead role in Spielberg's "Empire of the Sun". Good to see he's living up to the promise he showed way back then.

Jocelynn said...

Chris: yeah, I was watching the reruns, but they were my first encounter with Batman.

Thomas: I think Bale has done a great job with Batman. However, I have to admit that my first Batman love will be with the animated series from the '90s under the direction of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm followed very closely by the grpahic novels of the past 20 or so years.