Monday, June 9, 2008

They Said What?!?

It’s been a while since I wandered around the Internet to see what some of the other authors I know are up to. Things are fairly quiet here. My edits for Book 2 are due to arrive on my doorstep this week and I am in an article with Rachel Vincent and Kim Harrison in the latest edition of Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine. (Please ignore the picture of me, it’s horrible.) I’ll be tweaking the novella one last time before I ship it off to my editor at the end of the month.

But enough about me….

Over on Fangs Fur and Fey, this week’s topic of the week is “Do you enjoy the process of writing or is it a love-hate relationship? Be sure to stop by. I even posted a comment.

Rachel Vincent comments on a series of mini-disasters in her life. I can’t wait for the San Fran conference. She needs the break.

Vicki Pettersson is celebrating The Touch of Twilight reaching number 27 on the New York Times Bestseller list

Kim Harrison is melting in the sun

Rinda Elliott has some interest comments about Farscape Jammies, though I think she might just need a few more hours of sleep.

It’s Beefcake Monday over on Gena Showalter’s blog. I swear, the covers of her new series makes me wish I can time to read.

And finally, Mark Henry has a great Book Report on The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy

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