Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Cool Story

So, there was a very good reason for why I wasn't around to blog on Tuesday. I won concert tickets to see the Raconteurs. Yeah, I know. Isn't that insane? I threw my name into the hat a week ago. They were supposed to pick the name last Friday and since I didn't get a call that day, I figured I didn't win. That was fine. I figured it was a long shot. On Monday morning, I got this amazing phone call stating that I had not only won a pair of box seats, but I also got the chance to go backstage to meet the band!

In the first picture below, we will see the Raconteurs (without Jack White since he wasn't able to come out because he was still doing press interviews) along with a pair of gentlemen from 94.9 The Sound (a local radio station) and the rest of the contest winners. (I'm the red-head in the center of the pic.)

All the band members were very cool and easy going. They chatted with us for a few minutes and signed a large cover flat for each one of us. My younger brother was supposed to go but he couldn't get out of work so I gave him my autographed flat. Hey, it's a fair trade since I got to meet the band and be in the picture.

Overall, the concert was awesome! I think I like the band more now than I did before. They sounded amazing and their opening act, the Black Lips, was really good too. In the end, THANK YOU 94.9 THE SOUND. THANK YOU! That was a great concert and an experience I will never forget.

Now for a little bad news.... The edits for Book 2 arrived today. They are extensive and the finished book is due back on July 29. You may not be hearing from me for long blocks of time. I haven't forgotten about you and I will still be running the contests. I just need to concentrate as much as possible on the edits.


Lori T said...

HOw cool is that Jocelynn. I bet you had a wonderful time.

Sorry about the edits.

daydream said...

Hey, you are very lucky. Must be the red hair. Leprechauns give more luck to red heads. True, I tell, it's all true. Anyways I am happy you had a blast and well go on to work and get those edits done!

Christine said...

It sounds like you had a great time. You're such a good big sis to give your brother the autographed cover flat.

Good luck with the edits!

Freedom Star said...

Woo-hoo, that's awesome! Glad that you had a good time. And as for the bad news, well, we all have to take a break from the 'net now and again. I just had my finals week, and i'm moving out tomorrow. But on the upside, nightwalker comes out in 46 days!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

You're from Cincy?! I live near there...LOVE 94.9 The Sound.
Congrats on getting tickets and being able to meet the band. That's awesome! :0)

Good luck with the edits. Don't panic!

Shooting Stars: Music, Books, and More!

Rurality said...

Did you realize your blog's feed has quit working? I usually read in Bloglines and none of the available feeds are showing anything new (since May).

Jocelynn said...

It was a great concert!

Rurality: thanks for the update. I wasn't aware of that. I tweaked some of the settings on the account to see if that helps. I'll also set up my own bloglines account. If it doesn't reappear soon, I'll contact Google.