Friday, June 27, 2008

Night Off ... Sort Of

I'm sort of taking the night off. I typically work until I fall asleep, but I've already gotten a new chapter added to the book so I think my night has been productive enough. I'm going to run and get a snack then start going through the stack of Netflix DVDs waiting for me. Tomorrow, it's back to the grind. I've gotten my edits done faster than I had expected. I am hoping to finish the last few chapters this weekend and then ship it off to my editor just before the Fourth of July holiday. (Fingers crossed)

Just for a little fun, I have a new quiz for you. It asks only one question but it supplies you with a recipe for who you are. Here is the result of my answer.

The Recipe For Jocelynn

3 parts Desire

2 parts Flair

1 part Happiness

Splash of Shrewdness

Finish off with whipped cream


Lori T said...

Hi Jocelynn,

I hope you enjoy your night off. What videos did you decide to watch tonight?

This was a fun quiz and pretty accurate.

The Recipe For Lori

3 parts Tolerance
2 parts Shrewdness
1 part Pride

Splash of Vitality

Sip slowly on the beach

danetteb said...

Hi Jocelynn,

Sounds like a nice night off :) Did you watch a good movie?

Have a sweet weekend.


Jocelynn said...

I ended up watching Hapy Feet. Yes, I'm a dork that still likes watching cartoons. It was a cute movie that was also kind of depressing.