Sunday, June 29, 2008

Edits Are Done

After lots and lots of work that left my brain more than a little exhausted, I am finished with my edits for Book 2. Well, sort of finished. I completed the edits on paper so I need to put everything into the computer now. It's a somewhat slow and tedious process, but I'm getting through it. After I get all the changes into the computer, I'll read over the manuscript one to two more times depending on the number of minor tweaks that I am still making. The nice thing is that I'll ahead of schedule and I'll be able to relax during the Fourth of July weekend.

I'm also almost done with my edits for the novella. This one I'm not attacking in order of chapters, but picking apart the different scenes and how each are intertwined. This one is a somewhat different style of story for me so I am attacking the edits in a somewhat different manner.

In other random news, my brother has been working on photoshopping some new author photos for me. The man is brilliant and more than a little scary with what he can do with Photoshop. The photos were taken by Joel Quimby and they turned out great. I think what my brother did with them is mind-blowing. I unfortunately don't have the originals -- my brother still has them -- but I have a couple finished examples to show you.

Finally, I have a video that is also on photoshopping. It's of an ad photo shoot and the following Photoshop work that is done on the photo. The whole thing is time elapsed so the video is about a minute long. It's a stunning view of what Photoshop can do and a frightening view of our idea of beauty.


Zander said...

Hello Jocelynn! I havent had a chance to come back here for a bit, but I wanted to take a minute and tell you I finished Nightwalker (twice)and I LOVED it! I just love Mira- shes my new favorite vampire ;)

I dont want to say much else because I would never spoil it for your future fans (and there will be many).

I had to read it twice--I didnt want it to be over. Working as a bookseller, I've already got my
write up ready to place on the book for the day it releases.

If you ever make it up towards New England (ya know Rhode Island is known for vampires) ya gotta let me know... I need a Jocelynn Drake signed copy.

Congratulations once again,


Freedom Star said...

Whoa...that video is so strange! Jeez, when I think of touch ups on a photo, I think of removing blemishes and stuff. That was so weird to watch!

As for your photos, I like the last one. Graveyards, hm?

Anonymous said...

I love that video!
It really shows how fake our perceptions about beauty are, and why we should definitely not want to be like the models in magazines-those faces literally aren't real!

Emily Rose

Christine said...

hi Jocelynn!
Congrats on your edits. So glad you got them done in time to enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend. That's always a plus!

I love those shots of you... I think my favorite is the middle one. And thanks for the reminder about those Dove ads on real beauty. I've seen some in the past, but its always nice to be reminded. I share them with my young daughters--ages 9 and 13.