Monday, May 12, 2008

Short Story Plotting

I've finally got the novella/short story piece for the upcoming anthology plotted out. I had a rough outline for it, but I still wasn't excited about it. I had an old idea that I liked better and it was sucking all my enthusiasm out of the current project. However, while I was taking my lunch break today, I had a mental break through! Yes, I now know the plot for the short story and I LOVE IT! I can't wait to jump and get this thing written.

There are still some holes in the plot that will get worked out as I get through the story. There's a number of characters that I haven't met yet and one character that I met in Nightwalker that I now get to spend some more time with. So, tonight is a short and sweet entry. I am hoping to pound out a couple thousand words before collapsing in bed tonight.

However, I don't want my loyal readers to feel neglected. I have a video for you. A friend of mine sent this over today. Growing up, one of my favorite cartoons was Tiny Toons and the best from that series were the Baby Plucky cartoons. I have pasted below one of my favorites. It doesn't make me laugh until I cry any longer, but I still chuckle at it. Good times.

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