Monday, March 3, 2008

I Can See the Light

I really can. I can finally see the light at the tunnel. In fact, it's bright enough that I can now read by it. I am down to the last two chapters of Book 2. Well, that's assuming that something strange and unexpected doesn't happen between now and what I think will be the end of the book. Of course, I've been wrong before and I think that Mira and Danaus actually strive to prove me wrong on a daily basis. I guess that's not such a bad thing, but it makes it very hard to plan.

After the book is written, I'm going to take a week off to plot out the short story I have due in July and then I head back into Book 2 for a quick edit. From there, it goes off to my agent for her thoughts. And then a few more edits before it is handed off to my editor.

In the meantime, I have been working on my website. It is slowly coming along. We're currently struggling with some very strange bugs. They're not major, but they are very, very annoying. Also, Mira, my main character of the Dark Days Series, has started blogging over on her MySpace page. She's behaving for now, but I don't expect it to last too long.

If you're interesting in hearing about Mira's world and her thoughts about nightwalkers, go to .


daydream said...

Love it! Good job at setting her page! I always wondered how you can put music on that! Have to study it again!

Freedom said...

Damn, Mira is really quite the storyteller! I can see why she has stepped into the forefront of what was originally not supposed to be her story to tell. :) It's almost like a little peek into her brain.

Rachel Vincent said...

I can't wait to see your website. ;-)

Jocelynn said...

Mira's got a mouth on her and I'm trying very hard to keep her language to a PG13 rating, but my hopes aren't high. I think she's got a very interesting take on the world, but it helps that she's been around for more than 600 years. She's seen a lot -- good and bad.