Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Night Silliness

I've decided to take a brief break from working on the book -- mostly because I'm hitting the last major fight scenes of the book and I've got a couple ways I can go with it, but can't yet decide. So, in other words, I'm stalling for a bit.

Just to prove I'm somewhat twisted. Here are some strange little quizzes that I had fun taking. I hope they help to provide a little more insight into me. (MWahahahahaha!)


If I was trapped in a blizzard:


I've forgotten way too much since Jr. high.

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

And I apparently learned too many of the wrong things while in college.


Have a great weekend!


daydream said...

Body Shield - 47%
Eat friends - 43%
Test - D+ (I am an idiot)
Drinker - 63% and I learned a lot!

Thank you! That was fun!

Freedom Star said...

Haha, I took all of those quizzes when you posted the zombie one. I forget the scores for most of 'em, but I barely passed 8th grade science, and as for the booze...well, watching tons of Foodnetwork has apparently paid off :D