Sunday, January 13, 2008

Those Little Town Blues

Well, I'm back in New York City, trying to get a little work done. I was last here in September and it's good to be back. The cats weren't too pleased to see me go, but I left them in good hands. I have no doubt they'll be pampered and loved while I am gone.

The trip hasn't gone too smoothly. The flight was slightly delayed due to water issues, as in we had a water leak. Then, one of my bags has gone missing. I have all my suits, but my hair dryer, brushes, make-up, and a spare pair of shoes never showed up. It supposed to be delivered, but I ain't banking on it arriving before I have my first set of interviews tomorrow.

Oh, and the best part: we're getting a snow storm! Yes, I just managed to slip into the city ahead of a storm that is supposed to dump 5 to 8 inches on the city by morning with more to come throughout Monday and Tuesday. While I doubt it will be enough to shut this city down, I seriously doubt getting a cab will be fun. Well, I always wondered what the city would look like covered in snow.

However, before the rain moved in (which is currently drenching the city in a steady downpour) and the snow eventually comes, I did manage to wander the city a little. Due to the locations of all the places I need to visit for work, I typically stay in Midtown. I'm one block over from Broadway, a few blocks up from Times Square, and Rockefeller Center, Radio City, and Fifth Avenue are just a stone's throw away. Because of the darkness, the pictures didn't come out too clear, but it's at least a glimpse of the coolness. Many trees are still coated in white lights and the skaters are still flocking to the ice rink at Rockefeller.

I think the rain and cold kept a lot of people inside tonight. People were still about, but the traffic was a lot lighter than what I am used to. Of course, Times Square was absolutely packed, but I think that part of the city always will be. Even in the cold and the rain, it's a awesome place to be. A visual treat.
Well, it's back to work for me. I've got some more work to get done to prepare for tomorrow and I also have to get a little more editing/writing done tonight. Keep your fingers crossed. Tomorrow could be an interesting day.


daydream said...

Goody! Despite Mother Nature being a bit generous with storms and snow I bet it can never dampen the shine of that city!

Oh, about the make up, I doubt you gonna need it. Just dazzle with a brilliant smile. Vitality and a warm smile paint the face in natural makeup that fits just right!

Jocelynn said...

Yeah, I don't think snow could have dampened my spirits for NY. I love this town, though I'm not sure I would want to live here. I grew up with lots of open spaces and it's hard to get away from what I've known.

The make-up isn't so critical for doing radio, but I've got at least one video to shoot and it's nice to have that extra bit of color. It's like going into battle without your war paint.