Monday, January 14, 2008

Dude, Where's the Snow? -- UPDATE!!

I woke up this morning expecting snow. Lots of it. Did I find snow? No, just rain-washed streets. While I am partially relieved to know I won't be fighting the snow to find a cab, I am kind of disappointed that I won't get to see a snow-covered New York. Obviously, the weather forecasters were off their game yesterday.

Late-Night Addition -- Breaking News

No, it hasn't snowed in New York yet. That's not the news.

While I was away from my computer all day, Jeaniene Frost and Melissa Marr spilled the beans already, but I thought I would post the news here as well.

I have been invited to be a part of an anthology that will include such amazing writers as: (drum roll, please)

Jeaniene Frost
Melissa Marr
Vicki Pettersson
and Kim Harrison!

Can you believe it? I am somewhere between bubbling over with joy and stunned, speechless shock. This is an amazing opportunity and such a wonderful honor to be included with these fabulous writers.

If you would like the details of how it all got started, please check out Melissa's or Jeaniene's blogs. All I know is that I got a call from my agent shortly after the start of the year asking if I wanted to be included in this anthology. I laughed. I kept thinking "Why is she calling me? Yes, just tell them yes fast before someone comes to their senses!"

And for me, the news gets better -- I know, as if that were possible, but it is -- the editor for the anthology is my own beloved editor Diana Gill. (Happy Dance!) This gives me an added comfort zone, because she already knows my style and shortcomings. I will feel more secure that when the book is released, I have turned in the best damn story I am capable of, which is absolutely necessary when it comes to hanging with this crowd of authors.

Right now, the anthology has been tentatively set for release in May 2009. While the release date has not been set for my second book, I am kind of hoping that the anthology will fall between the releases of books 2 and 3, giving me a few more characters to play with for the anthology.


Chandra Rooney said...

Congratulations on your involvement in the anthology Melissa Marr is doing! :)

She and Jeaniene Frost spilled the beans over on their livejournals.

Christine said...

Hi Jocelynn!
I second the Congratulations on your involvement in anthology with Jeaniene, Melissa, Vicki and Kim! WOW What a lineup! How exciting!!!!

I was so counting on a snow day today myself. And how disappointing to not even get a flurry! ;)

Jocelynn said...

That's hilarious! I just got the "official" all-clear from my editor today and Melissa and Jeaniene didn't waste any time! Good grief... a girl goes out of town for a couple days and the rest of the world just slips right by her....

Thanks for the congrats! I am just too excited for words... well, actually I'm in a state of shock. How did little old me get in with such super-star writers? I guess that just means that my first book better be damn good.

Freedom Star said...

Congrats! Seems like an awesome lineup of authors. I’ll definitely be putting this one on my reading list for 2009.


Vicki Pettersson said...

Um...we read your book in advance and loved it.

daydream said...

Congratulations! That is a great opportunity for you and it's great to hear it. Do not forget to celebrate this properly with champagne now!

Soon enough you will be a super star writer yourself!