Monday, January 21, 2008

Evil Author

I just finished writing what I think will be my favorite chapter in Book 2. Mwahahahahahha! I'm still perfecting my evil author laugh, but don't worry, I have several mentors helping me out along the way. I like this chapter for several reasons. It very clearly provides Mira's motives for the choices that she makes, as well as provides some background info on her past; it provides some crucial background information regarding Danaus; it provides a new twist to the plot that I think will catch readers off guard; and finally, the information revealed threatens to take away Mira's last support in a world that has largely turned against her. When I create a problem for a character, I like to make it very, very hard to solve it and survive.


And now onto a fight scene. Actually, I've got a couple that occur back to back. I really don't like writing fight scenes. For me, they are some of the most difficult to keep sounding fresh and exciting.

In the meantime, I am making some slow progress on the Web site. I am currently waiting for my host to finish updating, which should be in a day or two.


Freedom Star said...

Oh man, you are evil with the suspense! Already on book two when we don't even have one yet! :P I'm counting down the days. Maybe you should get a countdown widget for your book, like the one Eos has for Kim Harrison's.

I'm with you on the fight scenes. Mine always turn out very similar. Or the weapons are the same. Or the same language is used. Yech. I need to take some fight-scene writing classes.

Still can't wait for the website! Will it be at


Jocelynn said...

I've learned from the best! I will definitely post a widget when the time gets closer, but as it is, we've still got about 6 months and I've got a copy of my final edits for the book sitting in my lap.

I am considering taking some martial arts classes to help with my fight scenes. will be the address when it is finally launched. I am looking forward to it being released. I have a collection of essays written by my main character about the Nightwalker world that I want to post.

daydream said...


If you have any problems with fighting scenes I would be honored to help as my first forbidden to read novel was basically just that, lots of fighting scenes, so I have a grasp upon them. You can help yourself with some googling on martial arts techniques and with youtube you can get a visual as well. But I am pretty confident that you will stun us all.

I can't wait for the first book to come out and hit the shelves and the site as well. the essays sound yummy and I am loving the angle you are representing. Gotta read them! Announce, when it's done now. Don't get too involved in the suspense. My heart is not that strong to handle it.

Freedom Star said...

You're a brave woman. I 'know' a couple of guys, through a friend, who are head of the martial arts club here at my college, and I'd like to learn some martial arts but I'm a bit...hesitant. Let me know how that works out for you! I'd like to think that I would kick ass in a fight, but the truth is that I know nothing other than to stomp on the attacker's knee (yes knee, as those don't like to move in very many directions) and then run away.

Woo-hoo, I love widgets! I will definitely be looking forward to that.

Those essays sound really interesting. I'll definitely be reading those (probably over the weekend, as school has not been very nice to me).

Okay, I'm down to a dangerously low battery power on my laptop (thanks to the guy sitting behind me in lecture right now who STOLE my outlet!!!) so I'm gonna end it here.


p.s. Also looking forward to the cover of your book, whenever that is. :)