Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Good, Productive Weekend

At last, I am enjoying a productive weekend. I am making some serious headway in Book 2. Of course, a large chunk of Book 2 has already been written, and the early chapters only need some light modification. I estimate that I probably have another 10,000 words to edit before I need to start making some of the larger changes. I am also avoiding writing a bit that needs to be added to beginning of the book. I usually write everything in order as if happens instead of jumping around to various scenes throughout the book. However, I have a feeling this one scene will be written last. It's a particularly dark scene regarding Mira's past. I don't know whether I am dragging my feet because the scene is so dark, or because Mira has no desire to relive the moment. Maybe a little of both.

I did sneak out to see I Am Legend at the theaters last night. It was very good and I enjoyed it. Will Smith is a fantastic actor. However, don't go see it because you loved the book. Go see the movie for what it is, judge it on its own merits and premise.

The book by Richard Matheson is beautiful, and daring, and brave in its presentation. It is a piece of brilliant fiction. But I will say that it is rare to find the same kind of boldness and bravery in mainstream Hollywood, which is a shame.

Go to the movie; feel horror and sadness. Matheson's book makes you feel those things as well, but it also makes you think and question your perception of the world. Now that is a gift from a great writer.


daydream said...

That is definitely good to hear. One of my wishes for the New Year for the writers I know was to be extremely productive and write many words. It will be nice if you have that too.
It happened to me right from January 1st. Wonder if it will last, though?

Jocelynn said...

My fingers are crossed. I think one of the keys to maintaining high productivity is making writing a part of your routine, much like brushing your teeth. Ugh, I'm still working on the routine part myself.... It also helps to have deadlines staring you in the face.

daydream said...

That is true and with it you have to make other small sacrifices to get that time. I still need perfection in that direction. Priorities change places all the time. At times I think I am playing a moral version of "Whack the Weasel".