Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Agent with Answers: Part 1

My wonderful agent Jennifer Schober of Spencerhill Associates is finally here to answer a few questions and provide her insight into the publishing world. (Everyone play nice...)

Jennifer Schober:

"I am so happy to be an official visitor to Jocelynn's blog! To be with all of you in Jocelynn's virtual reality is also quite a thrill. I hope that through the following entries I can answer some of your questions about the oh so elusive quest to find an agent. (and not just any agent, the right agent!) Happy to be here, and I am Jocelynn's third best fan (behind the family of course!)

1. I am definitely looking for new talent to represent. I represent all manner of women's fiction, from category to single title. Breaking it down to specifics: Romance and all the sub-genres which romance encapsulates...category, contemporary, erotic, paranormal, suspense, historical. I also am looking for literary fiction, Gothics, and urban fantasy and straight fantasy. I probably forgot something but generally I am looking for an amazing book with an irresistible voice, compelling hook--something that just grabs me and says "I'm exceptional!"

Please, I do not rep children's!

Essentially, I really want to see that book that reaches out to me, that I can't stop reading and don't want it to end. I recently read a book called THE HUMMINGBIRD'S DAUGHTER by Louis Alberto Urrea that I was so emotionally connected to that I simply could not finish. It was like I had some sort of block. I was reading it on vacation and I loved it so thoroughly that it was three times the size from ocean water and full of sand and suntan lotion when I gave it to the next person to read. I think it is a good sign when you are so connected to the characters in the story that you take on their pain, their triumphs...that's why I love books, and I have a feeling others would agree...being transported in that profound way really hits you in all the right places.

2. One question was do I have pet peeves? No. No wait, please don't send me a query without an SASE. That's it.

3. Another question was does the publishing world shut down in December and after the RWA conference? Well, literally offices close their doors for the holiday from the 24Th (and some on the 21st this year that's a Friday) until the day after New Year's. That is pretty standard in business. Everyone needs a break. People generally tend to get very busy through the Thanksgiving-Christmas time so naturally it may take more time for editors to review work due to offices being closed; more work piles up. In all honesty, I cant really comment on editors and their personal workload. I'm not one! After RWA? I don't know. Nationals can be very intensive for industry professionals-- they are working the entire day and much of the night. Even though it is wonderful to see clients and meet authors and colleagues, I could see how people would need a day or two to recoup."~Jennifer Schober

That's it for tonight. I have another set of answers ready for tomorrow. Jenn was also nice enough to send a picture over of us. I had forgotten that it had even been taken. We attend one of the workshops at RWA. If you can't guess, I'm dorky redhead on the right ~ Jocelynn


Rachel Vincent said...

Oh, you're not dorky. And it's so cool of your agent to answer questions for everyone!

Jocelynn said...

Yeah, Jenn is wonderful! I don't think I would have been able to maintain my sanity through this process without both you and her around to hold my hands.

daydream said...

That was helpful information as well. *I thank, while jotting down the name of your agent and press Google fast.*
Just joking!

A great blog! I shall be here from now on.

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