Sunday, November 4, 2007

Catching Up

I fell off the earth again, didn't I? I spent most of last week under the weather and now I am playing catch up just a bit. The book is now in the safe hands of my editor and her crew, which gives me a brief break from vampires while I go dabble in a few other things for a little while.

A friend gave me a pretty cool gift this week as congratulations on my book. He found a bottle of Pinot Noir from Vampire Vineyard. I think the gift is very fitting and cool considering what I write. I have included a picture. Naturally, the company has a website -- I haven't popped open the wine yet. I am leaving town for work this week and I have a feeling opening the wine bottle will be among the first things I do when I get back home on Friday.

Book Recommendation

I picked up a fabulous book on Friday and read it straight through. Bite Me If You Can is an excellent paranormal romance by Lynsay Sands, who definitely has a very unique spin on the myth of the vampire. Heck, her vampires still eat food and can walk around in daylight. What's more, Lynsay had me laughing out loud more in the first two chapters than I have laughed during most books I've read. She has an amazing wit and her ability to create these amazing, strong men and then put them in these situations where they are completely helpless and lost is fantastic. As soon as I finished it, I immediately wanted to start reading it all over again. From what I can tell, I believe Bite Me If You Can is book six in this series. Some other titles in the series include: A Bite to Remember and A Quite Bite.

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