Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Great Read

It’s time to take a break from writing, whether I want to or not. So, I snuggled up close to a book this morning and didn’t stop until I was done.

And, damn! It was a great read. Jenna Black had me hooked from the start as the mystery steadily unraveled, leaving me dying to try to figure out who the killer was before it was revealed. While I had my guesses toward the end, she had me stumped as to how the whole story would unravel. An excellent ride the whole time!

If you’re looking for a good twist on the vampire story, check out Watchers in the Night. This is the first in her Guardians of the Night series. I have already ordered the second book in the series entitled Secrets in the Shadows, which focused on a character named Jules, who was introduced in Watchers. Jules was somewhat of a prick when dealing with the main character in the first book, but he was definitely an endearing prick and I like the character that he has been pair with in the second book.

All I can is, Jenna, my dear sweet lovely author, please give me Drake’s story. Sure we share the same name, but I’ve got a got a real weakness for the dark loners. It just can’t be helped. I would love to see him knocked off balance by some feisty little woman who can shake up his smooth confidence.

Be sure to sure to check out Jenna Black's Guardians series. In addition, she had a new series that will start next month that shifts to the world of demons.

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Jenna Black said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Jocelynn! (You can tell how out of it I've been if I'm just reading this now. LOL) And you'll get Drake's story in May of next year. It's called Hungers of the Heart, and I'm working on page proofs as we speak.