Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still Alive

I've been a little under the weather recently, but I've managed to sneak in a little editing here and there. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, it's still a ways off. Between where I left off tonight and the end, I have to insert two new chapters and one new scene, which could end up its own chapter depending on how chatty one of my more tight-lipped characters decides to be.

So, I have roughly 2 weeks to finish the book. Am I panicked? Not yet. Oh, did I mention that I am heading to New York for my day job next week? Will I be editing on the plane, in the cab, in the hotel? No doubt. I'm not panicked yet, but that's standing in the way of me and the end of the tunnel.

On the plus side, I am aiming to hand in the book a week early, because I am headed out to Las Vegas to celebrate my upcoming birthday. (It's an ugly number and I'm hoping Vegas will distract from the pain.) It will also give me a chance to me up with a fellow author while I'm there. She has promised to show me around and lounge at one of the spas with me. Fingers crossed.

And no, I'm not posting any Vegas pictures on the blog. You know that kind of stuff stays in Vegas.

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