Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rules, Rules, Rules

There's not much to report. I am still stuck on the new chapter, though I think I am finally in the home stretch -- sort of. The chapter was inserted to give some more background detail on my world, my main character, and the society in which she exists. Another reason was to up the tension and the intensity of the whole book, which for me means a fight scene.

Ha... I don't mind writing fight scenes, but I tend to create these situations that are very difficult for my character(s) to escape. In this scene, my main character is fighting two different opponents, one she can kill and the other she has to subdue and not kill. The problem is that they extremely strong, fast, and resilient. Oh, and she has to keep those around who might be able to help from panicking. It's all kind of messy.

And naturally, I've got all these rules about the various species, the world they live in, and society. Lots and lots of rules. I can't help it. It makes situations hard to write sometimes, but I think it also helps to make the worlds more interesting. Unfortunately, I tend to drive my CP a little crazy with my rules.

A little off topic, but I happened across this great article in the New York Times yesterday that I thought I would pass along. It's an essay written by an author about her experiences on MySpace and connecting with readers. She also mentions Shakespeare-themed thong underwear. It's a good read.

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