Monday, August 20, 2007


So, my day job involves writing for a website, which has made me aware of silly things like pageviews, and tracking information of how people are coming to my site and where they are going when they leave. I didn't expect that I would attach such tracking information to my own blog, but curiosity got the better of me (and it didn't hurt that it was free).

So, why do I bring this up? I'm glad you asked. I happened to check the numbers this morning to discover that I saw a sharp pop in pageviews and visits on Sunday. It could be that A.) everyone waits to read my blog on Sunday or B.) the fact that I mentioned Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the same blog drew some unexpected web searchers to my blog.

hmmmm..... I wonder if I just keep mentioning hottie celebrity names, will it inflate my pageview numbers? hmmm...... nah. I can't just keep going on about the greatness of Johnny Depp or the cuteness Orlando Bloom just for the sake of numbers.... why that's unethical! I'm not a shamless name dropper! Even if Depp and Bloom are talented and sexy. (okay, I'm done playing now.)

Of course, there are other cuties out there, but some I won't mention by name... I still have hopes of meeting them. Huh? Oh, I have this bizarre quirk that whenever I have a "crush" on a guy, I never ever write about him, and under no circumstances will I write the name down. The few times I have, it has consistently resulted in disaster. Does it make logical sense? No. Am I superstitious? Hell, yes. Of course, I also tell my friends that I will remain single until Trent Reznor comes to his sense and realizes that I am the perfect woman for him. Of course, I'm sure my editor and agent will agree with this plan, since I tend to write more when I have no social life.

Speaking of my editor, she is an amazing woman. Have I mentioned that? Not only does she kick butt when it comes to helping me make a great book, but she is an amazing source of information. My book takes place in some exotic locations and she's been there!!! It means I have access to first-hand information to make my scenes sound as authentic as possible. Super Happy Dance!

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Carol said...

How cool is that. I have a great editor also. So nice and says nice things. Love it. Now, if you mention Zack from High School MusicalI or II, you should get a lot of hits. It was the most viewed show on cable last weekend. Why? Couldn't tell you. Heard it compared to Grease. NOT. It was the worst excuse for a bubble gum movie I've ever seen, kind of a 2hr Hannah Montana, with acting that was every bit as good. Can you tell I'm both old and single?