Sunday, August 19, 2007

Line Edits

The weekend has not gone exactly how I would have hoped. Saturday was mostly spent painting my kitchen and dining, which is now finished. And just as a I was settling down to work on my revisions, my brother called and asked if I would like to see Pirates 3. Hmmm.... Johnny Depp or 4 hours behind my computer. At least I hesitated for a couple seconds! I thought the movie was fantastic and it reminded me just how sexy Orlando Bloom is. I mean, Depp is always amazing, but I had forgotten just how sexy Bloom was. Made me wish he had gotten a little more screen time.

Oh well, Sunday brought a family emergency that consumed a large chunk of my day, but these things happen. On the bright side, the emergency has passed and I am behind my computer again -- where I belong.

I've started on the line edits that my editor sent me and I've gotten through the first 150 pages. After that is completed, I will sit down with a several copies of my plot outline and start making notes about new scenes to be added, each one marked to correspond with a suggestion from my editor. I hope to have all the outlining down in less than 2 weeks. From there, I start writing.

Right now, my largest concerns are that I plan to change a pair of locations that the book is set in. One is a relatively small change (same country, different city), but the other is much larger (different country and city), which means that I will lose some writing time to research. And there is a potential for a third city change if the current city isn't approved by my editor. Ugh.

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Carol said...

My letter hasn't come yet so I'm working on the sequel synopsis. I hate to think what the edits will be like and at the same time I'm looking forward to the great learning experience. Thanks for visiting the website.Carol