Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I don't know if anyone has told you this yet, but there's a lot of waiting involved when it comes to publishing. After you write the book, you wait for an agent to accept or decline your book, then you wait for an editor to do the same. After you've managed to make, you've got and agent and an editor, there's still more waiting. I've learned patience.... I swear, I really have. Er... I'm at least better than I was.

Right now, I'm waiting for my editor's letter regarding revisions to my first book. I know it will be coming soon, but I'm in a holding pattern right now. I don't want to work on any of the other books until I know what changes I have to make to the first book. No reason to write something only to completely change it later.

Sorry to be so whiny, but I realized today that I miss my characters. They're like family that hasn't stopped in to visit in a long while. My characters are disfunctional and psychotic and just all around strange, but they're mine and I miss them.

So, to pass the time. My main character, Mira, and I are writing essays. Yep, it may sound a little strange, but my world is somewhat extensive and my characters are old with detailed histories. I write essays about places, history, people in the books, in an effort to keep all the information straight. Most of the information will never make it into the books, but I need to know it so that I can fully understand motivations for my various characters. With any luck, these essays may be added to the books or at the very least, posted to my website when it is finally launched.

As an aside, congratulations to Rachel Vincent. She announced today that she has accepted another 3-book deal with her publisher for more werecat books. Way to go, Rachel!

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Rachel Vincent said...

Thanks! And I'm with you on the waiting. Sucks, huh? ;-)