Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quiet Weekend

It's been a quiet weekend; something that has been long overdue. Most of the weekend has been spent painting my home office (leaving me spattered with dark green paint) and watching the Godfather movies, which have been playing non-stop on the AMC channel on cable. It has given me the chance to re-acquaint myself with the greatness that is Al Pacino. It may sound odd (and was never something my mother could understand), but some of my fondest memories are of watching those movies with my father when I was growing up. Sure, they probably weren't the greatest influences on my young mind, but those people worked under a different code of behavior, which I found fascinating.

In just a couple of updates I have run across, if you're a fan of Vicki Pettersson's amazing series, be sure to visit Barnes & Noble's site in August as she will be the guest author then. Currently, Kim Harrison is holding court. If you haven't caught Kim yet, you better hurry over now!!

In the meantime, I am currently debating my next trip. World Fantasy Con is up in New York at the start of November, and I am considering going if I can sneak in. However, my other option is lounging about Las Vegas for 3-4 days as a vacation gift to myself. One is potential work and the other is play. Of course, my final book edits are due in mid-October, so I may need the playtime....


Jenna Black said...

Ooh, pick World Fantasy! All the cool people are going to be there! (Cool people being me, of course. LOL) You know it won't be ALL work.

Rinda Elliott said...

Al Pacino fascinates no matter what. I think he could be given the worst role ever and still keep eyes glued on him.

I have fond memories of watching Saturday Night Live, Monty Python and Benny Hill with my dad. LOL! I can't decide which set is worse...

Rachel Vincent said...

So...did you get your edits?

Also, about World Fantasy... I've been invited to Conclave the week before, and I can't afford to do both. So I'm doing pros and cons. (no pun intended)

Conclave wants me to do programming. World Fantasy wants me to spend a fortune but not say a word.

WF has Miriam, and Jenna, and possibly you. Kim's the GOH at Conclave.

I realllllly want to see NY.

WF's hotel (and three alternates) are sold out. Conclave's hotel is across the street from the airport, and they haven't started booking rooms yet.

Sigh. What do you think?