Sunday, March 23, 2014

Time to Work

Another weekend ... another round of goofing off, cleaning, and writing.  The laundry is nearly done, I've seen two movies -- one in the theaters and one at home -- and I've filled my white board.  And as we all know, Jocelynn filling the white board is a very good thing.

I've had this character wandering around in my brain recently.  She's not a very nice person, and she doesn't talk to me much at the moment.  She just sneers and drinks a lot at the moment.  She doesn't like people, but she does have one friend -- which is interesting in itself.  She also has a very interesting gift, which is also very interesting.  Those two things have kept me walking away from her completely.

Sooo ... I sat down with my whiteboard today and started to make some notes about this woman, her friend, and the world they live in.  It's all very rough at the moment, but I already have a good chunk of the plot of a book planned out.  That is rather unexpected since the plot usually takes several attempts and much growling on my part.  I also have the first chapter written, which needs some work as well, but it's a good start.

Unfortunately, I'm up to my eyeballs in unfinished books and I really need to finish something in the next month before I put something new on my plate.  What am I working on?

1. Stefan's book, which a kind of spin-off of the Dark Days series
2. Marcello's books, which is something completely different with no magical elements whatsoever
3. A new urban fantasy/paranormal romance book about magic users vs. something  else (it's all very secret) - but it's designed to be a series with multiple storytellers.
4. my stand-alone Viking Funeral book, which is speculative fiction and somewhat strange
5. the new new story idea

I think that's all the big stuff for now....

Ugh.... You know what I need to do?
Put my butt in the seat and write.  Yep, time to work.


Mary Roya said...

Are you going to write anymore about the tattoo artist Gage? What is your next new project?

Jocelynn Drake said...

Hi Mary,
The last Gage book will be out in October. I am torn between several different projects at the moment but I will keep you updated as I finish books. Thanks!

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