Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cleaning and Writing and Cleaning

It's Sunday! Which means it's time to clean the kitchen and the bedroom and the bathroom and go to the grocery... Yeah, the exciting life of an author.  Though, I think I will use my super author abilities to convince the Other Half that he would love to clean the kitty litter box.

On Saturday, I goofed off a bit.  I dropped off my poor little car for her annual check-up and I won't be getting her back until Monday. Yesterday was wandering around the massive outlet in West Palm Beach and dinner down in Delray Beach. I'm hoping that this cold I've been fighting is in its final death throes and I'm wondering if exposure to the sun and surf at the beach for an hour would cause it to finally shrivel away.  I'm willing to take that experiment.

But in the meantime, we're running to the grocery because the cupboard, my dear friends, is bare.

After that, I think I'm grabbing a notebook and a beach towel and heading out.  My O.H. keeps arguing that I'm not allowed to take work to the beach but he doesn't understand that writing is technically work.  Well... it is, but it is also very relaxing. 

Gage is currently in the safe hands of my editor and I've turned my attention to Stefan from the Dark Days series. I finally recovered the last 10,000 words I'd lost when the file was corrupted and I'm back to making forward progress.  If I could do approximately 1,000 words per day, I would be able to finish this book in a month.  Of course, I don't know what I'd do with it after I got it finished.  I just feel like this is something I need to write.  But I fear that if I like Stefan's story then I will have to finally finish Nicolai's story and write Valerio's story.  Yeah, that's how it works sometimes.

We shall see.  I'm looking forward to getting into something totally new.  I just have decided what that's going to be just yet.  I'll keep you posted.


Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Oh nice for you! Sounds like you've been productive. Can't wait for Gage's book! And Stefan's!

Jocelynn Drake said...

Thanks! My editor has the Gage book and I've got about 30K words left for Stefan's book. And I've already got an idea for the next book I want to work on. Too many ideas and not enough time in the day. It's a good problem to have. :)

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