Monday, February 10, 2014


My weekend wasn't as productive as I might have hoped.  I read an awesome book over the weekend and then played around in a couple manuscripts for a while.  It was mostly me thinking about characters, their motivations, and their emotional baggage.  I think I've got a few things worked out but nothing new has reached paper yet.

On Sunday, we ran to a flea market to just wander around since we were expecting to get rain ... which never showed up.  We then stumbled over a cool spot where we raced go-karts and played some miniature golf and laser tag.  My husband beat me at go-karts and mini golf (though it was really really close) and at laser tag (which I had never played before).  All in all, it was very good weekend.

I'm currently searching for a movie theater that does the VIP seating -- you know, watch a movie in the super awesome chairs and have someone bring you food and alcohol during the movie.... It's pretty freaking awesome.  I really want to go see The Lego Movie -- that would be the perfect Valentine's Day movie!

But this isn't what you care about....

You wanted to know that I got back into editing Gage.  Yep, I worked on the third and final book of Asylum Tales this evening.  I got about 35 pages gone and I have roughly 100 pages left to tweak.  I had to stop because I left myself a note to completely rewrite the opening to a chapter and I'm not awake enough to write something new tonight.  My goal is to finish all the first draft edits this week so I can turn the book in to my editor on Friday.  Doesn't that make an awesome Valentine's Day gift?  Yeah, I thought so too.

After I hand in that book, I come face to face with the really hard question: What in the world am I going to work on next?

We shall see...

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