Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Don't Want to Be an Egg

It's with some trepidation that I'm admitting to this, but an old friend has been visiting with me recently.  Well, I think "friend" is a bit of a stretch since he and I never really did care for each other, but we did have some interesting moments toward the end.

Here's what happened: I write 750 words on 750words.com every day.  I have to.  If I don't, I'll break my streak, which is now over 50-days in a row and I'll go back to being an egg.  I don't want to be an egg.  I want to be a Phoenix, but that requires a 100-day streak.  See my problem?

So, I've been writing Gage, but I'm down to the last two chapters of the book and they are requiring some very careful thought and planning -- not something that I am willing to just plop down as a kind of stream of consciousness for 20 minutes because it'll shatter my rhythm.  I've also been editing something else and I'm on the last chapter.  I don't have 750 words to add to it.  Just edits.

As you can see, I was stuck.  I needed something to sort of play with to just dump 750 words from my brain to clear away the clutter.  Staring at the empty screen, I realized that I haven't played with vampires for a while and I never had to show this to anyone.  It was just 750 words of play, right?

Guess who stopped by to play?

No, not Mira.  Or Knox.  Or Valerio.

No, it was Stefan.  Okay, stretch your memory.  He was the pain in the butt who showed up in Dawnbreaker and he's the one of the vamps who helped Mira and Danaus in Budapest in Wait for Dusk.

I know! I was totally shocked as well.  He never liked to come out and play.  But he was out hunting in Venice and he met this strange American woman.  Before he could dine, it started raining (and I mean pouring buckets) and she was ... just so .... strange.  And I don't mean paranormal strange.  I mean, she's not acting like a human is supposed to act when faced with a vampire who's looking at you like you're a Big Mac.

Every time I try to pack away the scene, Stefan just holds up his hand and tells me, "Just little bit longer.  I need see this."  In short, Stefan is curious and a little confused.   I've never seen him curious or confused, so I'm just kind of waiting to see what she and he do next.

Where is this going?  I have no idea.  Will I ever share it?  No clue.  I just thought you'd be interested to know that Stefan stopped by.

And why did this all happen?

Because I don't want to be an egg.


Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Oh now you have me excited for all sorts of reasons!

Could I see/read no matter its fate? ;)

Jocelynn Drake said...

We'll see. I've got to figure out first if this is actually going anywhere.