Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Social Media Reduction

In July, I ran a poll asking where readers got most of the information regarding events, book releases, and other random tidbits from me.  The results were clearly skewed toward Facebook, the Blog, Twitter, and Goodreads.  Very few people are going to Tumblr, the Discussion Board, Google+, and MySpace, so starting in the fall I am going to stop using those sites.  I will probably keep them up just in case the fickle passion of people shifts from my current venues to these others, saving me from having to establish new accounts after the old ones have been shut down. 

My personal favorite is the blog.  I’ve had it going for approximately six years and I’ve made just over 800 blog posts.  You can track my entire published career by my blog.  I’ve rambled here and I’ve even posted some useful information on the blog.  I’ve given away books and announced awesome news.  But most importantly, I’ve connected with readers on my blog.

I enjoy Twitter and Facebook, but it’s just little flashes.  It’s a line here and a line there.  Depth is hard to come by in such bite-sized chunks.  That’s not to say it’s impossible, but certainly harder.

I love my blog.  Mira and Gage first met the world on the blog, and I hope you get to meet many more characters through my blog.

Thanks for stopping by.


Summer Ross said...

I often look back on my blogging to see how far I've come and I find it really neat that you can track your whole career. LOL Have a great day!

Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Oh goodie! I love the blog as well! Glad to hear that one is definitely staying!!

Jocelynn Drake said...

Thanks! I started blogging just about the time I got an agent and I've tried to keep up with it. There are quiet weeks and months, but I find my way back eventually.