Friday, August 16, 2013

Homesick for Savannah

A number of people that I follow on Twitter are in Savannah for the Authors After Dark convention, and I’m a bit envious.  Actually, I think it’s a little homesickness that I’m feeling, even though I’ve never actually lived in Savannah.  I wrote the Dark Days series for several years and didn’t work on any other projects for that time period.  Mira and Danaus were my life.  They consumed my imagination and woke me at odd hours to whisper little bits of story in my ear.  They traveled the globe, seeing Egypt, Italy, and Peru, but they always found their way back to Savannah.

I love that old city with its massive oak trees dripping moss like antique lace.  I love that old southern culture and the slowness of time passing.  You can sit in any of the squares and watch the ghosts of another time stroll by you.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m listening to Johnny Mercer songs as I work today.

While I have plenty to work on this weekend, I think I’m going to take a little time out to read some of the Dark Days series.  I find myself missing Mira and the rest of the crew.  It might be time to spend a little time in the Dark Room with Knox.

In honor of Savannah, I’ve got a new poll about the city’s cherished son, Johnny Mercer.


Ailsa said...

I studied abroad in North Carolina this past year, and got to spend several days in Savannah right before New Year. I loved it, and part of the reason it made it onto my list of places I *had* to visit was because of reading books like the Dark Days series and loving the sound of it in them.

Sharon Stogner said...

I am at AAD and it is my first visit to Savannah. It is so beautiful here and you can feel the history as you walk the streets.

Jocelynn Drake said...

Ailsa: I'm glad you got to see Savannah. It's a special place to me.

Sharon: I hope that AAD was fabulous. They picked an amazing city.