Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Drowning in Social Media

The past several days I've been on vacation.  I've returned to Cincinnati, which has included signing some books, lighting fireworks, eating watermelon, seeing cheetahs run, and spending time with family. This break has also given me the chance to check out some social media sites that I've been hearing about, but haven't had the time to devote to reviewing them.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in having way too many social media outlets.  I now worry about trying to update them all so that I'm reaching as many people as possible.  Or spending my time updating a site that only reaches a very small percentage of the people who are following me (*cough* Facebook *cough*).

All these website make Max tired.
I think the frustration lies in the fact that I will spend hours writing blogs and posting on all these different locations only to run across fans who say they had no idea that I had a book coming out!  I'm left worrying, "Did I just waste all that time that could have been spent writing a new book?"  Don't get me wrong.  I like blogging.  I like tweeting and interacting with other readers.  It keeps me connected to readers and the world.  But I also don't want to feel like I'm wasting my time.  I figure if you like my books, you'd much rather me spend my time writing more books than updating a dozen social media sites, right?

Good.  I'm glad we're in agreement.

So first, I'm trying out some new or pseudo-new sites.

I am back on MySpace.  I'm trying out their new layout.  I don't have a lot over there at the moment, but I'll be adding more over the next couple of weeks if you'd like to check it out.

I am now on Google+ as well.  I've had people tell me that it's like Facebook without all the ridiculous filtering. I don't have a lot over there either but that will change too as I figure out more.

And second, this is where you come in:

I have a poll in the column on the right.  Please vote and tell me where you get your updates.  Or better yet, vote and tell where where your favorite places are to get information regarding my books, contests, and appearances.  The poll will run until the end of the month.  I'll take that information and combine it with my own review.  At the end of the summer, I will likely kill two or three of my social media locations.

Here is a list of all the places you can currently find me:
Dark Room - Discussion Board
Website (not going away)
HarperCollins Microsite (not going away)

Check them out! Feel free to leave a comment if there is a site that you love or hate.


Anonymous said...

I'm a mother of three, have a full time job. This is my first comment all year. I look at facebook and your website. Its enough for me. I love your books and you provide enough information for me. To me I feel it is up to me to tell people about you wonderful books.

Barbara Stephenson said...

I don't use all those other sites other. I'm for FB and the website. I love the easy sharing of FB.

Enigma75 said...

I know a couple authors who use one piece of software/app that will post the same "post" to facebook, google+, and possibly twitter...but I don't know what it's called. :(

I mostly use the author's site, facebook, and twitter to get my author fix. :)

Steven said...

I follow you on Twitter and Facebook but I will generally read your blog posts here when you link them there.

I like that there is at least a chance of interacting with you personally on twitter and facebook, even as your fan base grows and the odds decrease.

Back when you only had one book out and we were all actual "friends" on your facebook page you once liked a photo I posted on my facebook page, which was fun because not only did I feel like I was giving a little something back to you, but I also got to annoy my friends with comments like "Yeah, I was talking with my good friend and New York Times Best Selling Author Jocelynn Drake last night..." to which they would just roll their eyes and mumble "uh huh"

Obviously those sorts of interactions would become rare as your fan base grows, but that's a good thing!

Trudy said...

Twitter, Facebook, emailed newsletters, and your website

Sharon Stogner said...

I answered FB and blog. By blog I mean your newsletter.

Anonymous said...

I just found your website and "liked" you on FB within the last month or so. Those are what I check! And Goodreads... ;)

Ida said...

This is awesome!