Thursday, February 28, 2013

Digging Out

Contrary to most rumors and idle whispering, I am still alive.  Despite being buried under a mound of fresh Wisconsin snow, I haven't been hibernating all winter.  No.  I've been writing.

As I close in on the six-month anniversary of my new job, I am happy to see that life had settled into a comfortable routine again that centers around work, writing, and wading through snow with the puppy.

I am pleased to report that the puppy Max is in heaven with all the snow that we've gotten -- more than making up for his first winter last year when there was just a light dusting and an ice storm all winter. (Max hates ice on the ground but loves ice cubes for eating.)

When we take Max out, his goal is to run around and leave fresh paw prints in all the untouched snow.  This involves a great deal of running, jumping, and laying in the snow.  I've tried getting pictures, but he rarely stays still long enough for me to snap one.  I think he's hoping that it stays winter all year, but he may change his mind when we find some dog parks this summer.

When Max and I aren't out in the snow, I have been diligently writing on a variety of projects.  I have one novella completed and (if I can keep my current pace) I will finish the rough draft of the novel this weekend.  Of course, I will need to spend another two weeks revising it, but it should be done by mid-March.  I wish I could give more details, but we're still in the early stages of this secret project.  I promise to give details as soon as all my planning and scheming bears fruit.

After the novel is done, I then must:
1. Plot out a new book
2. Complete the synopsis
3. Complete the synopsis and outline for another project
4. Finish writing secret project #3
5. Write secret project #4
6. Repeat steps 1-5

So if I don't stick my head out often, you know why.  I promise to be around more in April and May when we celebrate the release of the second novel (DEAD MAN'S DEAL) in the Asylum Tales on May 7.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! My cat loves ice cubes, too. She'll actually run into the kitchen and meow for one when I open the freezer. It's super cute! To her it's like a mouse toy, but with an extra level of fascination - it's cold, it spins, it's water too! -laugh- Prob the house cat equivillent of running in snow. :)

It looks like your dog is totally having a ball in the snow. Super cute! Are you enjoying your first Wisconsin winter?

Nice job on your writing progress! I'm excited to read what comes next!