Monday, June 4, 2012

Writing, Revising, & E3

The weekend was not productive, but I'm going to use the old excuse that I needed a little time off to relax and think.  The weekend was about playing video games, reading books, and walking to dog.  Not a bad plan as I am now read7 to jump back into the fray.  Good thing, too, as it's going to be a busy week. 

I'm currently balancing several projects at once.  The first is a redesign of my website.  We go through this every couple of years.  I've seen the new home page and color scheme, and LOVE it.  It is now my job to go through each page of the old site and make sure that all the info that's being transferred is accurate, as well as decide whether I want to keep it, rewrite it, or delete it.  I've gotten an updated links page to my designer and today is the About page.  I am also hoping to get a chunk of the Extras page revised today.  Tomorrow will be the Essays/History info along with the books.

If you've got any suggestions of what you'd like to see on my site, I'm taking them now.  Just leave a comment, please.

In addition, I am also working on a short story that will be released later this year for Gage and the gang.  I had started a version last week but didn't care for it, so I'm starting again.  The story isn't due until July 1 and it's a little short compared to other things I've written, so I have plenty of time to get it done. 

In addition, I have received the line edited version of Book 2 with the revision letter coming soon.  I'm hoping to get the short story done and then turn to Book 2, which I will revise for a while, then quickly edit the short story.  With any luck, both will be done about the same time, so that July and August is all about promoting the new series and working on something new.  (You know, evil schemes for taking over the world and such.)

If I work hard today, I've even got a reward lined up.  E3, baby!  Yes, while the publishing world is focused on BEA this week, my attention is on tonight's E3 announcements.  E3 is the annual video game expo out in L.A. where all the game designers preview their new games and hardware.  At 6 pm (EST) is Ubisoft and Sony is at 9 pm (EST), so I have my evening planned.    It's going to be a good day!

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