Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bronx Is Coming

One more week!  It's just one more week until you get your first peek into the Asylum Tales.  Just one more week until The Asylum Interviews: Bronx is finally released.  I can't wait!

I am excited to report that a few people have been lucky to get a sneak preview of the novella and the reviews have been rather good.  If you would like to hear what others are thinking without any spoilers, check out Literary Escapism's thoughts.

I also caught this review over at Fantasy Bytes.  While it's not overly glowing, I am rather fond of it because the book seems to have captured the attention of someone who might not usually read my work.

Do you like warlocks?
Do you like tattoo artists?
Do you like incubi?
Do you like trolls?
Do you like crazy situations?
Check out my newest story for the Asylum Tales! 


Zoe Oliver said...

Ahhh see I feel bad, I should've explained more for my non-regulars..I would normally never, ever touch a Fantasy book with a buff naked guy on the front. It's not that I don't like buff naked guys..really I do..it's just I loathe 'romance' creeping into the fantasy genre..it's a long held pet peeve of mine.

You managed to not only grab my interest, but hold it all the way through, in a sub section of the genre which I normally loathe with a passion! No one else has managed this, so in 'real' terms that gives you 5 bazillion stars at least :)

Jocelynn Drake said...

Ahh... Zoe. Don't feel bad. I really am honored that you tried the short story. I can understand having doubts when you started. (I have a few genres myself that I almost never touch) What made me excited was that you tried something despite having reasonable reservations and the story still managed to hold your attention. That's a high compliment for me. I hope you try Trixie's story when it comes out and maybe Angel's Ink. There's a lot less sexual innuendo and a lot more crazy.

Zoe Oliver said...

I have Angel's Ink ready to go on my Kindle :) Looking forward to it :)