Friday, May 25, 2012

Ready for the Weekend

The week is done and I'm ready for a little fun this weekend.  I have been a busy little bee this week.  I've lined up my blog tour to celebrate the upcoming release of The Asylum Interviews: Bronx.  I have guest blog posts that will be going up from July 2 - 7 and I may give away a few copies of the novella during that time.

The blog tour consists of five separate interviews with some of the people from the Asylum Tales series.  While I've written interviews before, they've always been from the point of view of a nameless reporter.  This time, I'm actually the one doing the interviewing and it was a very strange experience.  It wasn't just walking through Low Town for the first time and being face to face with an troll.  It was actually seeing these characters for the first time through my eyes rather than Gage's.  (I know this is starting to sound a little crazy, but just stay with me for a moment.)  Part of it is that Gage has grown up with many of these things, so he doesn't feel the same wonder I do about the everyday things in his life.  The other part is that Gage is a hetero guy and I don't think he really appreciates a handsome man.  When I was in Low Town for the interviews, I met both Parker and Gideon.

What I learned?  I am not comfortable alone with an incubus who has a wicked sense of humor.  And yes, Parker really is a sexy as you would expect him to be.  On the other hand, Gideon is much scarier in person and he's freaking sexy as hell, as long as you can get over the scary factor -- something Gage neglected to mention.

I am plotting out a new short story today and then I am hoping to take a break this weekend.  I'm reading a book, playing a video game, and hanging with my family.  That is it!  I'll be back to writing next week.  If you're in the U.S., I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend filled with cook outs, water balloon fights, and a few fireworks.  If you're not in the U.S., I hope you do these things too.

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