Wednesday, April 11, 2012

By Pain of Taxes

I'm coming back down to earth today, and it seems like I'm hitting it hard.  Ugh. (Did you feel that?  Yeah, that was me!)   After gently ushering my new novella into the world, I'm back to the grind today.  Sort of.  The first order of business is a visit to my friendly neighborhood tax accountant to get my 2011 taxes done.  I know, I running late this year, but this is about as fun as a trip to the dentist.  (Actually, I think I'd welcome a trip to the dentist today.)  I just hate the whole money, bills, taxes thing. I would rather just hide behind my computer and writer, but I know that life doesn't work out like that.

Enough complaining from me.  Taxes and then a few odds and ends before I jump back into the fray for a while.  I've got to increase my daily word count for a while because I just received news that another set of copy edits is due to hit my desk next week.  This one is a short story that I wrote for the new Asylum Tales series.  It looks like it is set to be released in the summer.  After the copy edits, I finish book 2 and complete the revisions for the second short story to be handed back in.

Just a reminder: I am still waiting to hear from my winners of my five giveaways.  The winners I am waiting to hear from are:


Please email me at Jocelynn DOT Drake AT gmail DOT com.  I need your email address and for you to confirm which format you would like the book in (Kindle, Nook, or Kobo).

I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy of Bound to Me and/or a book from the Dark Days series.  I've had a lot of fun writing the series and I hope that you've enjoyed reading it.  If you are interested in asking me a question or just talking about the new novella or any of the Dark Days series, stop by my discussion board: The Dark Room.  I pop by once or twice a day and would happy to talk about the series.  

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