Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Inches Closer

Spring is teasing me.  It pops its head in with a taste of warm weather and a burst of sunlight that seems to shine straight down to my soul.  The limbs of the trees in my yard are starting to show off little buds that will unfurl into leaves and the rose bushes are showing the first signs of leaves as well.  The grass looks a little greener as if waking from a long slumber and the birds are a little louder each morning.

Spring is close, which makes the recent cold spurt with the occasional tuft of snow drifting down from the sky all the more painful.  I’m ready for the winter to be over.  This was one of the lightest winters in recent memory, with little snowfall and temperatures that didn’t linger near freezing too often.  And yet, I am still ready for it to be over.  I am ready for the leaves and the green and the warmth that eases down into my soul that seems to have grown a little colder, a little wearier this winter.

The world seems a slightly easier place to tackle outside the cold clutches of winter. 

For now, I write and I watch out the window of my office, looking for yet another sign that winter has loosened its grip on the world and spring is inching closer.

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