Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

It's here.  It's finally here.  The doors have been flung open to welcome the revelers and the bells are chiming in merriment to all far and wide.  Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas to all!  May peace and joy bless your homes regardless of what holiday you celebrate!

I'm snuggled in with my family today, enjoying this time together.  We're healthy, happy, and together for another holiday.  The rest of the world can wait.

I want to leave you with this video today to celebrate the beauty of the season.  "Carol of the Bells" has always been my favorite of all the Christmas carols.  I can feel the melody moving in time with my heartbeat and the song causes my soul to dance in delicate pirouettes in my chest.  I recently discovered this unique version and I think you'll enjoy it.

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!
And may peace be with you and your family.

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