Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Change Happens

If I've learned anything over the past several years since becoming published it's that things change ... frequently and without warning ... in the publishing industry.  Best advice: roll with the changes.

I can't tell much at the moment as things are still being nailed down at my publisher, but the release date of my first book has been pushed back to October from the end of June.  Nothing is wrong with the book.  It has been accepted for publication and is moving on to the copyedit stage.  We are taking another look at the format and doing some collective thinking. Trust me: this is a good thing.  We are also still tinkering with the title of the first book.  When things are nailed down, I'll pass the news along.

Since readers will have to wait longer for a new book, I will work on trying to come up with a little extra something for 2012 to help tide you over until the first book hits the shelves and e-readers.  But 2012 won't be a bad year.  We've got:

A. audiobooks for Dark Days series being produced
B. 1 more prequel novella for the Dark Days series to be released
C. 2 short stories for the Tattoo Artist series to be released
D. 1 new book to be released
E. new website to be launched

Oh, I didn't mention that?  Yes, my web designer is working on a new website for me, which will include awesome background information for both the Dark Days series and the new Tattoo Artist series.  We are aiming for a spring launch.

You want more?

Okay, since you asked so nicely.  I'll see what I can do.

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Brenda Hyde said...

This sounds pretty cool--normally I don't like change, but if we get some extra goodness it's okay. LOL
I'm just kidding-- I'm so happy you'll have so much going on that a little delay is no biggie.

How about some fun stuff-- I always love to read interviews with the characters or things about how they would use technology like texting each other. *snicker*