Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waste Time Watching Videos

I think I need something light following such a serious post.

I'm working on the revisions today. Followed by paying bills and a trip to the post office. Exciting! The highlight of my day has been swapping emails with another writer friend that I don't see or talk to much. Yep, the life of a writer isn't a highly social one.

Anyway.... Here is just a reminder that I have a cry for help out there!

So, I'm a big fan of the Ghost Hunters show. I can't say that I completely believe in ghosts, but I accept that there is a possibility. I like to just wonder "What If?". What if there is such thing as a ghost and that they can actually interact with us? I think that would be pretty cool as it opens up the world to even more possibilities. Anyway, to the point: Ghost Hunters is running an America's Hometown contest where they will go and investigate a town for their next season. They've narrowed the choices down to three possibilities and I am happy to report that Savannah, Georgia is one of them.

If you've read the Dark Days series, you know that I have a deep love of Savannah, and if I can't be there every moment of my day then I will be just as happy to see my lovely Savannah on television. So, here is what I propose: click on the link and vote for Savannah. Then help me promote Savannah as a choice elsewhere. Get others to vote for it!

The Reward: This is where I get a little sneaky and devious. If, on Halloween, they announce that Savannah is the winner of the contest, I will write another short story for the Dark Days series. I don't know who would be the main characters, but it will feature either Mira and/or Danaus. Is that a good deal? Vote for Savannah and possibly get a new Dark Days short story?

Oooh... maybe it could be a ghost story with Mira and Danaus and Nate from the fourth book? Or I wonder if I could incorporate people from the TAPS team in the story? Or do you just want a scene where Mira finally bites Danaus? Hmmm... stuff to think about.

And now... some videos. We all need a laugh so I am going to try to supply a few for you today. First, if you've followed my blog for long, you know that I am a huge fan of Simon's Cat. I'm a long-time cat owner so I can relate to these videos. Even if you're not a cat lover, these are pretty funny. So, here is the newest one to hit the web.

Also, my brother introduced me to a new video group called HISHE (or How It Should Have Ended). These are also hilarious. Right now, I think my favorites are the Superman, Batman, and Iron Man videos. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by.  I've got some sex and mayhem to work on for a while.


CTannStarr said...

Cool! I love M&D so we're going to have to cook up something for the Book Club bookies to do to help pimp your blog and get the Savannah vote out. I definitely want more of your stories. Count me in on the mischief (LOL).

DarkDaysFan said...

There was so much awesome in this post its hard to pick my favorite part. I love Ghost Hunters and so I have voted for you. . . and us (readers) because I would be jumping up and down and squealing like a 12 year old girl if there were a new short story.
Also, thanks for the laughs. They were much needed. :)