Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hawaii Pics

I know it has been a few days, but it has taken that long to get everything organized and to get my rear in gear once again. Today is going to be my catch-up day and well as the day that I order my wedding pictures (yay!). Tomorrow, I will officially start writing again and I plan to do that straight through until next Spring. (Good thing I had an excellent vacation!)

In the meantime, I promised some vacation pictures. Now that I have them moved over to my newer computer, I think I can get them posted. Enjoy!
The first two pictures were taken while we were out on our snorkeling excursion. I have never seen such perfectly blue water before. The air was warm with a wonderful breeze, the water was crystal clear, and the crew was awesome.

As we left the marina, we found out that the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed off the western coast of Oahu. Many of the cast and crew stayed in the Ko Olina resort and Disney had left behind the Black Pearl in dry dock at the Ko Olina marina. Very cool, even if I didn't get to see Johnny Depp. :)

Not only were we snorkeling, but we were also scouting for pods of Spinner Dolphins. We found them! They were amazing. This was the closest I have even been with dolphins in the wild. They were beautiful and graceful.

One day, we decided to go exploring. We rented these little Mini Coupes that have three wheels and are essentially a moped with a car body. The fiance-now-husband drove while I took pictures. We explored downtown Honolulu and a good chunk of the eastern side of the island.

Just one of the 132 islands and atolls that make up the Hawai'i chain. This island was seen from Highway 72 that runs along the coast of the island and I was told that it was a bird sanctuary.
After getting married, we attended the Paradise Cove Lu'au -- what a perfect wedding reception!

On the final day in Hawai'i, we visited Pearl Harbor. In the picture above, you can see the memorial for the USS Arizona. After being hit, the ship sunk to the bottom of the harbor, taking with it more than 1,000 servicemen. The day was very solemn, but a must-see if you go to Oahu.
That was my trip to Hawai'i. I hope you enjoyed it. I did.


Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Oh wow awesome pics, Jocelynn!! So cool that you got to see the Black Pearl too! I saw one of the ships that they used in the POTC movies when I was in Wisconsin last year, but never did find out which one it was. Wasn't the Black Pearl that's for sure!

Enjoy the rest of Hawaii!

Candace said...

Congrats on getting married!

I've been to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. It's such a humbling experience. I remember the boat ride to the memorial because it started with everyone talking and then the closer we got to the memorial the quieter and quieter it got on the boat. And it was completely silent once we were actually at the USS Arizona.

Sounds like you enjoyed your trip! Seeing those dolphins while snorkling must've been pretty cool!