Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lighting the Fire

There are brief flickers of moments in life when I am reminded with a violent passion why I write. For the every day, I remember that I love the craft of the written word, I love breathing life into my characters, and I love watching them dance before me in a play of my creation -- whether it be an intimate waltz or a Tartanella of death.

But then there are moments.

Flashes of incredible beauty or earth-shattering horror --either just so that an emotion so intense that it wells up in the soul and consumes the mind with a flurry of so many responses that you are rendered completely speechless.

But don't mistake me. I am not talking about the mundane events that we have become inured to on the evening news, no matter how horrific. With time, we become numb to the ugliness of man and I fear that happening to me so I avoid the news as much as possible.

No, for me, I'm talking about the work of other artists. This is the kind of thing that moves me to such emotions that tears well up in my eyes and my throat threatens to close up. There are moments when I see what someone else has accomplished and I become so excited for them. I also become excited for myself because to truly experience art is to immerse yourself in it as well, to make yourself a part of it and take that impression with you for the rest of your life.

So... long story short... what did I see? A video game trailer. I have never hid the fact that I am an avid video game player, particular of the Final Fantasy franchise by Square Enix. Square Enix possesses some of the best storytellers on the planet, in my honest opinion, and I would sacrifice a great deal to included among them. But for now, I am content to learn from them and write my own stories while loving theirs.

Love and passion comes in many forms. I write because I love life and the human element. I write because I want to add something beautiful to the world. But I burn with the passion to write because I am surrounded by so much beauty in this world.

For the curious, here is the video that started my thoughts tonight.

What makes you burn?

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