Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The House that Mira Built

In my endeavor to be a better blogger, I am putting up an entry today without really knowing what I'm going to say. I like to have a topic in mind before I start babbling, but hey, sometimes things just don't work out that way.

I dug in deep today and "finished" chapters four and five of Burn the Night. Chapter 4 didn't need much work; just a little spackle and a fresh layer of paint to clean up some of the less-than-perfect spots. Meanwhile, Chapter 5 received a small room addition in the form of an added scene between Mira and Danaus. Yes, they finally got a moment ... alone ... in the woods. Go for it! Let your imaginations run wild. It was a fun scene to write and it allowed me to release some of the emotional tension that I've had building in my brain for far too many books.

Overall, I think the revisions to this book are much like rehabbing a house. For the most part, I think the structure and the foundation are still sound, which is a very big deal. If you have to rebuild the structure or the foundation of where the story is built then you've got a very big job ahead of you and it means losing most of the pages that you've written.

However, just because the foundation and structure are sound doesn't mean I don't have a big job ahead of me. Certain characters that lived now need to die and other characters that weren't in the book now need to make an appearance. In essence, I'm tearing down walls and then putting up new ones. In fact, I'll be adding on a whole new floor with the addition of a previously unplanned plotline, while searching for ways to make Mira more proactive rather than reactive.

Have I totally lost you with this revision/house rehabbing analogy. I think I better stop before it gets any worse.


Jessica said...

I'm sure it all makes perfect sense to you the writer! I know when I look at my notes they makes perfect sense, were someone else to read them, they would see what is said, but not have a clue what some things mean when I elude to "the event" or "the scene" or "the problem"--things I know in detail but take too much time to write out!

When we all read this book later, we'll be like "ohhh! That's what Jocelynn meant awhile ago!"

Nicole said...

Oh my mind is running rampant with what Mira and Danaus are doing in the woods! ;). I'm sure Burn the Night will be fantastic! Good luck w/all the copyedits :D.

Indigo said...

I'm about ready to start my own revisions tomorrow. I've already written down chapters that need work and even a few that are getting deleted altogether.

This is the first time, I've really set down to work one of my books over and refine it. To say I'm nervous as all get out is putting it lightly.

230,000 words later (3 books), I'm thinking it's enough practice to finally dig deeper. Good luck with your revisions dear friend, I hope mine go as smoothly. (Hugs)Indigo

midnightprincess said...

Hot damn!! I can't wait 'till the book comes out!! My imagination is running wild with the thought of Mira and Danaus in the woods!!! But first, I have to get through school first....that will keep me occupied while you write the book..but my mind keeps returning to Mira and Danaus!!

I can't wait for the book!!