Monday, July 19, 2010

Comic Con Schedule

San Diego Comic Con is coming up fast and I'm scrambling to get everything done before I have to close my suitcase and run to catch my plane. I am taking my laptop, camera, and flip video camera with me so I will try to post updates when I can. So, keep checking back during the next few days for insight on my adventure into the SDCC!

As to where I will be while I'm there:

On Thursday (7/22) around 11 AM, I will be at the Harper booth #1318 to shoot a quick video. But this might be a good time to catch me for signing stuff. And it wouldn't hurt to see if Harper is giving anything free away. At the very least, pop by to see the new cool stuff that's coming out!
On Friday (7/23) from 3PM to 4PM I will be on the BITE ME: Evolving Urban Fantasy Beyond the Vampire Phenomenon panel.

Panel description:
Some of the top names in urban fantasy gather to discuss how to evolve the urban fantasy genre beyond the vampire phenom, spurred by the mass commercial appeal of The Twilight Saga and True Blood. Authors include Tanya Huff (the Victoria Nelson novels), Mario Acevedo (the Felix Gomez detective-vampire series), Merrie Destefano (Afterlife: The Resurrection Chronicles), Jocelynn Drake (Dark Days series), Richard Kadrey (Sandman Slim), Lauren Kate (Fallen series), and Marjorie M. Liu (In the Dark of Dreams). Moderator: Diana Gill, executive editor at HarperCollins Publishers. Room 8

There will be a book signing directly following from 4PM to 5PM. So stop by!

On Saturday (7/24), I will be attending the What's HOT @ Harper: A Special Sneak Preview of Upcoming, SF, Fantasy, Urban Noir, Horror & More -- Room 26AB -- from 630 PM to 730PM

The moderator will be talking about upcoming releases and I might say a few words about the Dark Days series if asked. I think they are also holding giveaway either at the booth or at the panel. I'm not sure which so just be sure to check it all out!

When I am not on duty, I will be traversing the convention with my brother getting autographs, checking out video games, and generally geeking out. I will be personally stalking Stan Lee, Troy Duffy, Seth Green, the cast of Big Bang Theory, Wil Wheaton, and any of the amazing writers/artists for Batman to name a few. Is there anyone else I should be stalking?


Berinn said...

Congrats and best wishes at Comic Con! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you run into Stan Lee and the other gods of the comicdom. (*sigh* as I wish I were there)

Kristyd said...

One of these days, when you guys are a little closer to me, I'm doing a girls road trip to see all my favorite authors.