Monday, June 14, 2010

Mira and Danaus Interview Help

I'm working on a set of guest blog posts for some blogs prior to the release of Pray for Dawn and I need a little help. One is going to be an interview of Danaus exclusively, since he is the storyteller in Pray for Dawn.

However, I have a second guest blog planned where the interview will be of Mira and Danaus together. I'm imagining a setting where they are at a type of relationship therapist. What kind of questions would you like the therapist to ask them? What would you like to know about Mira and Danaus? What will Mira admit to Danaus? What will Danaus admit to Mira? Help me by providing some interesting questions that will make them squirm in their chairs. Feel free to be evil.

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rachel445 said...

I'd like to know what Mira and Danaus like most about each other. Also, if they have any regrets in their fight with the naturi so far. Do they wish they had done anything differently? Hmm, Im sure they wouldnt want to answer this, but what are their feelings toward each other? Do they enjoy being a team together?

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Jocelynn

Danaus keeps a lot of his secrets close to his vest, so to speak, and Mira, she's been around for 600 years, I can't even imagine the problems that one could internalize in 600 years. Danaus has been around a while too, together, a clinician's dream!

I'd want to ask Mira about her humanity or lack of (she always seems to be longing for hers). I think she hides a lot behind the veneer of a kickass boss woman.

Danaus... where to start... I'd want to ask about his true feelings, how what he's learned about Mira and the Brotherhood effects him. What's his feeling about Mira, and she about him. Honest feelings, not the ones they show everyone else, but the stuff they think about when no one else is around. Do they still feel like killing each other? Or kissing each other?

They make up a very well oiled machine when they work together. Is it possible that the partnership is permanent? Would they like it to be?

Can Mira ever get over what the naturi did to her? Can Danaus accept the fact that Mira's a blood drinker? Can Mira accept that Danaus has preconceived notions about nightwalkers?

The list goes on and on....

Dottie :)