Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just Some Rambling Thoughts

I've decided that today is "guest blog" day. I am determined to write a series of blog entries this afternoon to prepare for the release of Pray for Dawn. In addition, my monthly blog entry for the Supernatural Underground is due tomorrow. So far, Jeaniene Frost, Vicki Pettersson, and Melissa Marr have all posted amazing blog entries and I've been sweating recently as I attempt to come up with an equally compelling topic. I worry about being as amazing as these authors and eloquent. I've finally got a couple ideas of what I can talk about, so my fingers are crossed that they come across in a brilliant manner.

In the meantime, I had dinner last night with my amazing agent where we discussed plans for the Dark Days series as well as any other projects that are rattling around in my brain. My conclusion is that I need two of me constantly typing so that I can get done everything that I want to write. Her conclusion was that I need to focus on completing a strong revision of Book 6 so that my editor is impressed. Since I can't have my conclusion, I'm going to listen to hers.

But for now, I've got my coffee, a blank page, good music playing, and a mind overflowing with ideas. The days are winding down until the release of Pray for Dawn, which is bringing back longings of visiting Savannah once again. Until I find time to sneak away, I am going to just dream of the swaying limbs of the oak trees that stretch across the Savannah parks.

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Moonsanity said...

I'm enjoying the posts on Supernatural Underground and I'm SURE your posts will be wonderful:) It sounds like that was a lovely dinner and very productive at the same time!