Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Routine

It's hard getting back into the writing routine following the long break that I was forced to take due to my fractured hand. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and got the "all clear" to head back into the trenches. He warned me that I'm going to be in pain for at least another two months, but I can at least start easing away from my wrist brace. The brace is great for support, but really bad for typing.

I headed back into Book 6 today and I've gotten about 2,000 words written. The chapter that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks is still not done and I'm getting more than a little frustrated. I don't see myself getting this chapter done today due to a lack of time and energy. I did a lot of writing at my dayjob today and I'm just running out of words as the clock ticks away. I want to step away from the computer for a little while.

I think another reason I'm having problems is that this isn't an action-packed chapter. It's a discussion/negotiation chapter with rising tension, but no real fighting. After such a long break, Mira and I feel the need to crack some skulls. Or at least torment Danaus a little bit. Yeah, torment and playing with Danaus is the next chapter and that's going to be some real fun. I'm looking forward to it. I just need to get through this current chapter.

All right, enough complaining from me. I ordered magnets for the RT Convention at the end of the month. I needed to replenish my supply of magnets for the first 3 books as well as make new magnets for Pray for Dawn. I am also starting to think about getting ready for my vacation. It's now only a week away. It's way too early to think about packing. I only do that at the absolute last minute. However, I do need to start making lists of this things that I need to get before vacation -- most notably sunscreen. I fry in the sun.


Moonsanity said...

I wonder-- don't they have gel things you can get to rest your wrists on when you type? I know I'm seen them. I wonder if something like that might help you during the healing.

Yeah, kicking butt is always a good time:)

I'll bet your vacation will really help revive you, and you'll be reading to rock when you get back!

Jessica said...

Glad you're on the path to recovery and get to return to Mira and Danaus, bet they missed you!

Can't wait for RT!

Jocelynn said...

I rotate throughout the day with the brace on and off to give my wrist a break. I've also started some rehab exercises at the gym to help rebuild the muscles. It's a slow process, but it's coming along.

Vacation will go a long way toward the healing process. :)