Thursday, March 4, 2010

Frustration Sets In

Progress on the book has ground to a halt once again due to a plethora of appointments and a cold that is starting to get worse. This is not a good combination when I’m on a deadline. Feeling rather crappy last night, I managed to sneak in the Ghost Hunters 100th episode special before crawling into bed. After running all my errands and making my appointments, there was not time or energy left to work on the book. In fact, I am frustrated to see that when I look at my schedule for next week, I have an appointment of some kind every day. This is an ugly sign. I think it means that I’m going to have to start brewing more coffee and pulling a few late nights to get this book done.

Today, I am somewhat relieved to see that my only appointment is my trainer appointment. He’s going to kick my butt for an hour and then I can stumble home to write for the rest of the day. Furthermore, I should be able to sneak in a few words before the appointment. Today should be a productive day.

Otherwise, I am also happy to report that I completed my taxes for 2009. I owe the federal government, which is no big shock, but it’s not even close as to what I was expecting so I am very thrilled.

This means that not only will I be attending the RomanticTimes Convention and the RWA Convention this year, but I will also be flying out to the San Diego ComicCon for the first time this year. I’m going to be exhausted by the end of July, but it’s going to be a fun year!

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Moonsanity said...

I actually had a little tantrum with my husband this morning about this type of thing. Lately it seems like every time I get settled down to write I have to: pick up or drop off a teen, talk to someone on the phone, fix a meal etc. You get the drift. My daughter is ten and wants me to go out and look at animal tracks in the snow with her. I'm not going to say "Sorry honey I have to write, go away now", so out I go. I bitched and moaned this morning when the kids weren't here. Sometimes we just need to do that:)
Appts. seem to suck up the entire day for some reason.

Way to go on your work with the trainers though! The writing will come, and it will be fine:)