Monday, January 18, 2010

Nearly Done

I've had a relaxing day off of my dayjob today. It's a stock market holiday so it's a free morning for me, which is I used to catch up on sleep. Actually, I slept way too much this morning and really didn't moving and productive until after 1 pm. Not one of my prouder moments. However, everyone needs a lazy day every once in a while.

But the day hasn't been a total waste. I am nearly done with my copyedits on Wait for Dusk. I'm down to the last 50 pages and I'm hoping that I might actually get them done tonight so I can ship them off to my editor tomorrow. That would be a proud moment since they are not technically due back until January 27! I'm just looking forward to writing new material again. It's been too long since I wrote new words on a new book.

In the meantime, I have another project that I am helping with. My family has a tradition that a new baby in the immediate family is made a quilt with embroidered squares. My sister-in-law is now pregnant with her second daughter, so my mother and I have started work on the new quilt. My brothers and I all have quilts from when we were babies, as well as my little niece. Since I have little to no skill at sewing, I help with the embroidery of the squares. Below is a picture of the first square that I'm working on for the new quilt. It's nearly done. I just need to fill in the coloring for the egg.

Depending on my writing schedule and how fast I can embroider, I am hoping to contribute between 5 and 8 squares. That,unfortunately, isn't much when my mom tells me that the quilt usually takes around 44 squares to complete. Wish us luck. The baby is due in May and we're hoping to have most of it done by then.


RachelG said...

Love your family tradition! Good luck with your quilt squares.

gapyeargirl123 said...

That's a great tradition!
I'm sure you'll all find time somewhere to get the quilt finished in time.

Candace said...

Oh that is so cute, and a wonderful family tradition! Crafty projects are so much fun!

Jocelynn said...

Thanks! I've sworn that if I can get a small break between books, I'm going to get either my mom or my aunt to teach me how to make a quilt. I LOVE homemade quilts.