Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog Roaming

So, yesterday wasn't the greatest of days. I sat down to get some work done on my Super Secret Special Project when I discovered that my iPod was missing. I searched everywhere, took the house apart, and I actually CLEANED. The iPod is gone. I had used it that morning during my dayjob and then it was gone. It was in that moment that I discovered how important it was for me to be able to listen to my music while I work. My iPod ranks right up there with my laptop in importance. Music helps me set my writing pace. I puts me in the right mood for a specific scene. Music helps to down out both background noise and the rest of the world while I'm working. My music keeps me sane. *sigh*

As a result, I did what I had to do. I bought a new one so I could write again. I'm running behind on my second project, but I at least feel like I can work again. If the old one magically appears, I'll be giving it to my brother or my father.

But enough complaining to me. I have been making the rounds again on the Internet, visiting other blogs and causing general mischief and mayhem. Here are some of the links in case you missed them.

I am an honorary Deadline Dame for a day today. Go check out my blog entry where I talk about how I name my characters.

I am also a guest blogger over at Chica Reader, where I give the low down in a blog entry on Dawnbreaker.

Finally, stop by Fresh Fiction as they are giving away a copy of Dawnbreaker and CANDY. Yep, free Halloween candy. What an awesome combination! You don't want to miss out on it so check it out!

And finally, a quick weekend pick-me-up! A long time ago, I would regularly post videos of Simon's Cat because they reminded me of my own cats. Well, I just discovered that there are new ones! So here is the latest installment of Simon's Cat for your enjoyment!

Have a great weekend!


Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

Thanks for the heads up about the fresh fiction contest :)

Lilibeth Ramos said...

Thanks for posting about my blog, and thanks again for posting on it, lol! You're amazing!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

I checked out the Dames and Lili's blog, so nice tidbits there!!

Oh, and Simon the cat, story of my life.

Dottie :)

Jessica Kennedy said...

I'm starting Dawnbreaker right now! :) So happy to be getting to it. :)

Diana said...

Umm, clearly my cats watched this video!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh those videos are so funny!

Just finished Dawnbreaker and it was fantastic!