Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Dawnbreaker Release Day!

It feels like it wasn’t so long ago that I was sending little Dayhunter out into the world on her own with nothing more than a lunchbox and a pack of matches. Now, the day has come to let my little Dawnbreaker out into the world with her lunchbox and pack of matches. I always have a mix of feeling fluttering on me on release days. I’m excited that the world is getting to see what I have been working on so diligently and I’m terrified that the world isn’t going to like my sweet children. I’m sad to see them go and I’m happy to watch them grow. I wish I could protect them from the negative review that inevitably come and I’m proud when they please their readers.

In the end, joy overcomes it all. My dear Dawnbreaker is finally out in the world, soaring high on her own. I wish her luck.

So, go out and pick up your copy today! You don’t want to miss out on the trouble Mira and Danaus get into. We’re on the move again. After a brief stint in Savannah, my little group is headed south to Peru and Machu Picchu where they are destined to take on Rowe and the naturi horde as they fight to free Aurora.

Also, if you’re living in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, this is a reminder that I will be signing books at the Crestview Hills, Kentucky Borders on Saturday, October 3. Stop by and visit. I’ll be giving away goodies!

Here's all the information:
Borders in Crestview Towne Center
2785 Dixie Hwy
Crestview Hills, KY
Saturday, October 3
2pm -4pm

Finally, I’ve got a guest blog up today over at Book Reviews by Jess. She is also giving away two signed copies of Dawnbreaker! Stop by, read the blog about the History of the Dark Days series, and enter the contest!


Jessica Kennedy said...

Happy Release Day!!!!

Go glad I could be a part of your special day. Enjoy!

*ina* said...

Happy Release Day!!!!
Hugs, Ina

elnice said...

Congratulations. You deserve this big day!

Lexa Levine said...

B&N isn't releasing Dawnbreaker 'til next Wed. :( Had to order it from Amazon instead. Can't wait to get it to read it though!

Candace said...

Happy release day!! *tosses confetti*

Alexia561 said...

Happy release day!

RKCharron said...

Hi Jocelynn :)
I'm definitely getting DAWNBREAKER.
Isn't the cover gorgeous?
Love & Best Wishes,

Pissenlit said...

Whoops! Happy belated book birthday!!

hapalochlaena said...

Happy release day. :)

I downloaded my copy from Fictionwise last night and am halfway through the first chapter.

Xeyska said...

I deliciously, devoured this wonderful book in hours. I loved it, and definitely can't wait till the next one. :D

Anonymous said...

I just finished Dawnbreaker! It was greate. However, fyi, Borders said they wouldn't have it until today and that was very annoying. I ended up having to buy it at Walmart.

Joss said...

I am having a heck of a time finding Dawnbreaker in calgary...dying to read it...Jocelynn Drake is one of my new favourite authors along with Laurell K. Hamilton and James rollins...man she rocks